Cleulow Springer Spaniels
Cleulow  Springer Spaniels


Here's some of the feedback and pictures weve had from satisfied customers.

 “Oscar is a fantastic dog and we are so happy with him. The only thing I would change is that I wish we had bought two from you”




 “She is a fabulous dog with a wonderful temperament. At home she is an absolute treat, full of fun and always moving from one of us to the other to see who will stroke or play with her. Unusually for dogs she loves the postman and paperboy. She mixes fantastically with other dogs and their owners and in short has been a complete pleasure – she makes us smile every day”



Cleulow Crystal - came Second in the Three Shires Spaniel Novice Test in 2014. 

"She is growing fast and is very quick to learn.  It is the best thing that we have ever done!!!  She loves her walks, is very good off the lead and she enjoys the company of other dogs and people.  We have started some training and she is responding well to commands.  We are obviously biased as to her beauty but everyone remarks on her gorgeous markings." 



She won the  Junior Trophy for gaining the highest marks in an assessment which included retrieve/ hold/ give; down stay out of sight for two minutes; recall; following to heel; distance control etc.  She's a good'un!






“Fern is doing brilliantly she is such a complete joy. She is such a soft and gentle natured dog , very quick to learn, hugely affectionate. She has a really impressive hunting action and is now starting to really weasel through grassy tussocks"

"Luna is a confident dog, who is very inquisitive and keen to learn. She loves to be around people and is very sociable towards other dogs too. She loves her walks, getting muddy and wet whenever she can. Our only regret is that we didn't buy 2 pups at the time, so a trip back for a brother or sister for her may happen very soon"

"We got Saphie from you in June  and she has turned out to be a fantastic dog.  She does flyball and agility with us which she absolutely loves and she’s recently started to compete at a local club.  She also loves water and often has a go at the scurry when we go to game fairs".

"She is a delight, lovely, kind natured and a joy to be with. She has a huge list of admirers and our friends  are so taken with her they want a pup of their own.


She settled in very well and quickly took over the house! She now goes to dog training  and is becoming very obedient.  She was the best Christmas present ever."

Sophie is coming up to 2 years old and she is developing into a great dog. She has a great temperament, is intelligent and very easy to train.

"She's a great pet/companion and we are delighted with her" 

Gem is a great example of "flecking" in the springer coat - many of our dogs carry this and pass it on to the puppies. Interestingly it doesnt really start to show through until about 3 months old.  

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