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Field Trial Winner - Shordick Seamus "Mack"

Mack is a handsome hard-hunting dog with a wonderful action, low and powerful. Soft natured and very biddable, he is at home as a peg dog on driven days or equally well as a companion on rough shooting expeditions.  He has sired many litters over the last few years and produces well coloured, broad-headed, lithe puppies with calmer than average temperament and excellent biddability.    

Mack's pedigree, although reflecting success,  does not contain many of the more common working lines of working springer making him an ideal candidate for outcross giving low inbreeding score with many modern lines. He has produced good sized litters of puppies and is available as a stud dog to suitable bitches. He is clear on all DNA tests and also up to date with gonioscopy and other standard eye tests. Hips and elbows are good and just below breed average. 

This was Mack when he won his first novice trial at Caerhayes Castle. He has also had awards in Open trials. As a working dog he is steady and takes direction well. Game finding and marking is exceptional making him first choice as a "peg dog" on driven days.  

FTAW Wilswin Winston "Wilson"

Wilson is a hansome dog with a wonderful temperament He just wants to please and is a pleasure to work and train.  

He has been entered in trials and to date best result is a 2nd place at Mid Wales Working Gundog Society A/V Novice Spaniel Field Trial. He performs consistently in working tests and has a second and a third in Open Class Tests.




Sire is Hollydrive Kurt a hard hunting dog which ran in the National Championship. 

FTAW Creccamarsh Venom Aka "Tommy"

Sire is 2014 British Champion with 11 out of 12  Grandparents/Greatgrandparents beinf Field Trial Champions.

Tommy is a young dog with lots of promise. He has run in one trial and reecived a Certificate of Merit. He will be run in more trials next year.

Tommy is "Clear" in all 4 DNA tests required by the UKKC Scheme and has current eye examinations and Gonioscopy rating Excellent in both.  Hip and Elbow scores are awaited. 

Scolocraig Eros AKA "Jack"

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